Moving Your Fish Tank to Another Country

Moving Your Fish Tank to Another CountryAs you might expect, transporting your aquatic pets to another country requires careful planning. Most countries have specific requirements and restrictions governing aquatic animals, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them before the move. For example, fish and wildlife authorities in many locations regulate the ownership of fish like piranha, and may even prohibit it. If you are unsure whether the species of aquatic life you have requires a permit in your destination country, it’s best to check.

Depending on the country and the species of aquatic life, you may need a certificate of veterinary inspection. Additionally, some countries may require that your fish be placed in quarantine upon arrival. Because it’s highly likely that a mover will not move live animals, you may have to transport your fish yourself. So, you should also take into account your mode of transportation. If you’re traveling by airplane, rail, bus, or boat, check with the carrier line for restrictions and requirements. Also, contact the consulate or embassy of your destination country, or the country’s animal health authority, for information on requirements. Lastly, before preparing your fish tank for the move, you may also need to check with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as there are laws governing the exportation of some aquatic species.

When moving your fish, it’s important to do so with the utmost care. Aquarium fish need a specific, controlled environment in order to stay healthy. You will want to:

  • Transfer your fish to an enclosed container, such as a bucket or bag, using the existing tank water.
  • Minimize any movement to the bucket or bag to avoid undue stress to the fish.
  • Set up your tank as soon as possible once you’ve reached your destination.

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