Moving Overseas: What Documents Do You Need?

Moving Overseas: What Documents Do I Need?

The adventures that await oversea travels are nothing compared to those inspired by international relocations. If you are preparing to relocate abroad, you may already understand the complex process of moving your entire life across the world. In order to make your international move a successful one, you need to first compile a few important documents. Some documents, such as your passport and visa, may take months to renew – making them a top priority on your to-do list.

Here are some of the important documents you’ll need to take with you on an international move:

Visa & Passport

In order to pass through a country’s border, you need to present an official, government-issued passport. This document certifies your identity and citizenship. To apply for a passport in the U.S., you need to provide an ID, a recent photo, and evidence of U.S. citizenship. If you are planning to work in your new country, you also need to apply for a visa. This official document is placed in your passport and allows you to remain in a country for a specific purpose: work, school, tourism, residence.

Medical Records

When packing copies of your medical records, make sure to include immunization records. These records will help you streamline the process of finding a new doctor and applying for work.

Birth & Marriage Certificates

Your birth certificate is an extremely important document, identifying your gender, name, birthplace, and parents. It’s advised that you have multiple copies of this document on hand. Likewise, marriage certificates are necessary for tax purposes and proof of marital status. If you are planning to change your citizenship, both of these documents are vital to have.

Social Security Card

Keep this card safe throughout your travels, as it’s another essential document that can help you establish proof of citizenship when paired with other important documents.

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