Preparing Your Home for a Moving Company

Home Moving Company You’ve chosen Atlantic Relocation Systems and are looking forward to the day our home moving company truck arrives to move your furnishings to your brand new place. Now, you realize that there are seemingly myriad tasks that must also be handled before the big day. Thankfully, Atlantic Relocation Systems can handle the multitude of packing and loading tasks, meaning there are only a few things you will need to do to prepare your home for our movers to pack your belongings and load them into our truck.

Here’s a list of important tasks you will want to begin working on before our home moving company professionals arrive at your door:

Purge the excess: Now is the time to start clearing out all those things you no longer use – maybe old lawn furniture that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages, that old computer that hasn’t worked since the age of floppy discs, or those parachute pants you bought back in 1989. Clearing away the clutter not will help the move proceed more quickly, but will also help keep clutter out of your new home.

Clear pathways: When our home moving company professionals arrive at your home, we’ll need as much room as possible to spread out packing materials, place each of your belongings in cartons, and move items out of your home. So, be sure that hallways and thoroughfares are clear and that there are no tripping hazards and other obstructions near doorways and other entries.

Prep appliances: Consult the user manuals of your appliances and electronics to see if they require special preparation prior to a move. For example, you may need to defrost your refrigerator before it is moved, or drain water from a dishwasher and prop the door open to avoid formation of mold and mildew.

You will want to speak with the personal household moving consultant we will assign you to find out more about any other preparedness issues that may pertain to your unique situation. Our home moving company can also help provide boxes, bubble wrap, and any other supplies you may need in the process of preparing your home for moving day. We can even offer affordable storage space in our secure warehousing facilities if necessary.

For more information about the many ways our home moving company can help you prepare your home prior to moving day, contact us today. The home movers Atlantic Relocation Systems family of home moving companies are proud to serve residents of Indianapolis, IN, Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, and many other communities.