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Fast service
Wow, what a super experience we just had with Atlantic Relocation Systems.
Great place for storage!
It is a solid moving company with good people that are hardworking to take care your moving needs.
I was very happy with our Indianapolis to Arlington, VA move.
I would highly recommend using Atlantic Relocation Systems for any moving or relocation needs. Movers were tremendous.
Great service!
We had Richard and Kristen move us, they really were magnificent.
From the first point of contact Atlantic was on the ball.Tracy came out and was extremely professional, knowledgeable and was truly concerned with the safety of our belongings - she was giving us tips as we walked the house on how to pack stuff to prevent damage etc and I really appreciated this.Moreover, the crew showed up on time the day of the move, they were EXTREMELY professional, respectful and on top of it were a good fun bunch of guys to work with...I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with the crew - literally not a single item was damaged or broken during the move...impressive if you ask me.
Everybody has been super professional, friendly, and polite with our move so far! I can't wait!
The driver and crew were extremely friendly and courteous and the move was damage free !!!!!
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Best Move I Ever Had

February 16, 2015

Mr. Glen Dunkerson, Chairman, CEO

Atlas Van Lines

Rarely does one have the opportunity to enjoy a long distance move that was perfect in every way. (I was dreading it, for I’m no newcomer to moving.)

In Indianapolis, I followed the suggested due diligence by checking for three company estimates. When Ms. Tracey R., Relocation Counselor, arrived from Atlantic Relocation Services, I knew immediately ATLAS was the one. Knowledgeable, frank and confident, Tracey gave her utmost attention to my particular situation, and what needed to be done for a successful move. She kept in touch and followed through with each detail.

From that point, I visited the Indianapolis office, where I met Dara G., Move Coordinator; Mark C. and Nick P., driver who picked up my things, along with his helpers. I hope I have the names correct and haven’t missed anybody for they all were friendly, accommodating, and most exceptional. What a wonderful team you have in Indianapolis.

Delivery in Sanford, FL on February 1st, no less, which was not only a Sunday, but Super Bowl Sunday as well. Most people, preferring to be home, wouldn’t have considered it. It was imperative for my schedule; Atlas said they would do it on that day, and it was accomplished.

The driver, Guillermo P. from Houston, Texas; helpers, Joe, and Greg, couldn’t have been more pleasant, helpful and attentive in checking the inventory list properly. Nothing was finished until I was completely satisfied.

I highly commend these employees and I hope you will too. From beginning to end, their professionalism, sincere care along with their wonderful sense of humor, gladdened my entire family.

I wanted to send this directly to you, for I didn’t want it to be just another on line response, which may or may not be seen. However, please share this as you wish. I am thankful and pleased to say; the group from Atlas Van Lines is par excellence.

Most Sincerely,

Julia G.

Best Move I Ever Experienced

Mr. Strong:

It was nice to talk to you today.  I wanted to convey verbally my compliments to Nick P and Tom on their professionalism and care with our shipment from London.  We had over 250 pieces, mostly dishpacks and about 42 crates ranging in size from that which would hold a sofa and dining room table to those that would hold art work and table glass.

Nick was a good supervisor for his crew and very professional in his demeanor.  He was very focused on keeping us happy, comfortable, and minimizing stress in what is generally a stressful time.  There was no damage to our property and we had a tight squeeze for a sofa going to our basement.  It took one of your competitors 3 hours to get it out…but Tom only one try to get it down.  We had significant damage to plaster when it came out…and not even a mark going down.  Our rugs were place meticulously, never losing patience, and putting our house back together just as we had remembered it 3 years ago.

We are moving in the coming months and would like very much to have Nick to be our driver.  He managed our expectations regarding the possibility of taking the job given how they are sourced.   However, we very much would like to have Nick move our belongings to Portland and would alter our schedule to meet his needs within reason.  Please put me in touch with your best assessor/sales person.  We will move once our house sells later this spring, but are very flexible because our house is waiting for us in Portland.  It may be worth breaking up the move if that could help us get Nick or someone like him.

I think our desire to have him supervise our move speaks volumes to our faith in him.  I also want to convey that I will make my employer aware only use your company in this area.  They do not use other destination agents.  You may know that, but it speaks volumes to their confidence in your company.  Please convey my complements to Nick and his crew.  This was so different than the local company crews that loaded us and brought our goods out of storage.  We had over $3000 in damage on just the stored goods and the transtlantic to London from INDY had well over 50K in damage restoring antiques.

Please pass along our complements and put me in touch with your star coordinator/assessor.

Best regards,

James R. and Lawrence P.

No Damages to Shipment

“The move was great and crews did a excellent job. I just completed my unpacking and I had no damages.” ~ Lisa – Indiana

Very Courteous and Helpful

“Everyone was great from origin to dest very courteous and helpful. I would like to thank everyone for a very easy relocation from my home in Indiana.” ~ Raymond – Indiana

Best Stateside Move

“This was the best stateside move I have experienced this far. All parts of service were rated a 5” ~ Robert -Indiana