How Moving Affects a Child

How Moving Affects a Child

Moves can sometimes be tough on kids who are experiencing other stressors or life changes, such as puberty and school advancements. While adults have the ability to rationalize the benefits over the losses, children – especially introverted adolescences between the ages of 11 to 16 – tend to lack the communication skills needed to fully process and express their feelings about relocations. The following explores different ways you can help relieve your child’s stress, supporting them throughout the change.

You Can Help

Instead of analyzing the negative prospects, focus on ways you can offer positive alternatives to your child’s situation. Here are some strategies:

  • Research social groups around your new residence. Peer networks can reestablish familiar ties in any location.
  • Communicate with your child’s new school, as schools often have solutions and processes in place to help your child transition.
  • Title your move an “adventure.” Simply changing the way you label your relocation can influence the positive and negative feelings that are affiliated with the name.

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