How to Move Tropical Fish Long Distance

How to Move Tropical Fish Long DistanceMoving long distance requires a fair amount of planning, and this is particularly true if you have a tropical fish tank that also needs to be relocated. Tropical fish require a specific environment in order to stay healthy, so moving them can be a precarious situation. However, by following these tips, it is possible to successfully move your tropical fish long distance:

  • Plan for space in your vehicle – It is likely that your movers will not transport live animals themselves, so plan on making space for them in your personal vehicle.
  • Move your fish to an enclosed container – Aquariums are delicate and extremely difficult to move when full of water. You will want to move the fish to a container that can be closed, such as bags or a bucket with a lid, to ensure the safety of the fish and the aquarium.
  • Use the existing tank water – Use the water that is already in your tank in the container in which you will be transporting the fish, as you know this water is already a suitable environment for them to live in.
  • Keep movement to a minimum – Place the bags or bucket in your vehicle as close as possible to the actual move, and try to not move them again until your final destination. The less the fish are moved around, the less stressful the move will be on them.
  • Set up the tank quickly – Once you have arrived, set up the aquarium again as soon as possible, making sure the water is conditioned properly for the fish.

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