How Busy Are Movers Before Christmas?

How Busy Are Movers Before Christmas?In the United States, the peak moving season usually begins in April and ends in September. According to industry estimates, 40 million Americans move every year, and 80% of those moves occur during peak season. There are several reasons for this, but mainly, summer weather is simply better for moving, and with schools closed, a summer relocation means less upheaval for families. However, rates tend to be higher during the summer, and as a result, some people choose to move during the holidays, just in time to celebrate Christmas in their new home. But moving before Christmas presents its own challenges.

Busy Roads

The holidays are the busiest times of the year for shopping and traveling, so if you’re planning a move then, expect the roads to be thick with traffic. Traffic-clogged roads can bring delays and detours that complicate moves. Keep this in mind if your move requires you to arrive at your destination within a certain time frame.

Higher Cost

Yes, summer moving rates are generally higher, but a weekend relocation during the holidays can also be costly. In comparison, rates for midweek holiday moves are lower. But try to avoid moving at the end of the week. During the holidays, the closer you get to the weekend, the busier the roads become.

Bad Weather

Moving before Christmas can mean dealing with freezing temperatures, heavy snow, icy roads, and other treacherous conditions. To prepare, it’s advisable to start following the weather forecast days before your move so that you know what to expect on moving day. Also, make sure you have enough winter-ready garments on hand to keep you and your family warm during the move. And, as your mover will likely advise, watch out for slippery sidewalks and stairs.

For a stress-free move before Christmas, we recommend creating a relocation budget that takes into account all of the potential expenses specific to holiday moves. At Atlantic Relocations Systems, we aim to simplify the moving process. We offer free, guaranteed estimates, with no hidden fees or charges, so that you can plan your move with confidence.