Do Moving Companies Work on Weekends?

Do Moving Companies Work on Weekends?Yes, moving companies do work on weekends. But before you hire a mover for your planned weekend relocation, you should consider the pros and cons of moving on a weekend versus a weekday.

Why Weekday Moves May Be Better

It’s likely that you don’t have a choice regarding your moving day, but if you do, you should know that weekdays provide the best bang for your buck. Generally, companies offer better rates Monday through Thursday because they’re not as busy then. In addition to lower rates, with a weekday move you may also realize some of these benefits:

  • Extra money for helpful moving services – For a less stressful and more efficient move, you can apply the money you save toward packing services, which will free you up to focus on things like preparing your new home for your arrival.
  • Faster access to utilities – Many people schedule utility services to begin ahead of time, but if you arrive at your new home and find that your gas or electricity isn’t working, you’ll probably have an easier time resolving the issue with the utility company during normal business hours.

The Pros of Weekend Moves

Weekday moves offer savings and convenience, but also come with downsides. For instance, you’ll likely miss a day of work and lose valuable vacation time, and if you move your family during the school year, a weekday move may disrupt a child’s daily class schedule. By contrast, weekend moves mean:

  • You’re less likely to miss work and your child is less likely to miss school.
  • With no weekday rush-hour traffic, a weekend relocation can be less stressful for families and movers alike.

Experienced movers like Atlantic Relocation Systems will be able to give you honest advice on the best day for moves in your area. We are a full-service mover providing safe and secure packing, transporting, and delivery services for customers across the nation. For more information, or to receive a free in-home consultation that includes a guaranteed price quote, get in touch with us today.