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Small place slow unloading
Great guys
For all your moves.
Tony Morris is amazing, professional and outright courteous.
Can't wait!
Atlantic relocation is one of the places to get to where you're going in moving!!
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Above and Beyond

“I have needed to write for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to let you know about our driver, Richard, and the wonderful deed he did for us.

About 1/3 of my stuff was going to temporary Apt and the rest was going to storage. It was all very crazy and got confusing much of the time. So, I made the mistake of packing into storage my washer and dryer. I just was not thinking about it. It was the very first item packed into the truck . I realized my mistake later but it was impossible to get to it. I panicked and told Richard. I was upset I had made that mistake. He kindly told me that if he could, he would make every effort to get them to me.  As it turned out, he had a few days before his next assignment and so he kept the washer/dryer in his truck after it was unloaded into storage and changed his route ( basically went a longer route) on his way home so that he could drop them off to us. He said because he had children, he had compassion for me and having to haul my children to the laundromat! He did not expect or ask for any pay. I just wanted to let you know about that great favor that he did for us that was very much above and beyond his job description. I have appreciated him everyday since. If you will let his supervisors know of my gratitude and accolades, I would appreciate it.” ~ Cristy H. – Oklahoma City OK.

Move Was Fine

“The move was fine. We had only a small amount damage. No real issues. Packing and delivery were good”. ~ Tom M – Colorado Springs CO

CSSD #11 – 2013 Optimization of Utilization District re-structuring program Project

Atlantic Relocation September 6, 2013
Attn: Michelle Farnum and Richard Vitelli
3616 N. Stone Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Hello Team,

We wanted to take a moment to extend our thanks and appreciation to Atlantic Relocations, Inc. for exceptional service and support during our 2013 Optimization of Utilization District re-structuring program.

Key personnel from Atlantic Relocations have a proven track record of providing exceptional moving services for CSSD #11 beginning with our Admin renovation project and several school closures in 2008. Under new management with many of the same outstanding employees and team leaders, Atlantic Relocations continued contributing to the success of our endeavors this past year with exceptional planning, project management, integrity, and care.

During the spring and summer of 2013, CSSD #11 challenged Atlantic Relocations with the largest restructuring and relocation project in our history. During this time, we closed and removed all contents from four (4) District facilities totaling over 400,000sf in total area. In addition to the permanent closures, we relocated multiple programs (24 total) which included movement of furnishings, textbooks, teaching materials, student records, computers, and AV equipment. It is estimated that Atlantic Relocations handled more than 100,000 textbooks, more than 20,000 pieces of furniture, and more than 10,000 pieces of technology equipment plus many other types of items. All of this work was accomplished on an extremely tight schedule for a very reasonable budget.

Throughout the process, all personnel from Atlantic Relocation demonstrated exceptional customer service in all aspects including time/schedule compliance, care in handling District property, perseverance, and great attitudes. Our re-structuring program was a huge success largely in part to the efforts of the employees and leadership from Atlantic Relocations.


Val Leon Baughman

Construction Manager, Project Director, ACO