Chicago Testimonials

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Definately Rate Everyone a 5

“The crews were really good to work with and I would definately rate everyone a 5 overall”. ~ Mitch S – Chicago, IL

Excellent Group of People

“The crews at both ends were great. The group in Illinois were especially professional and courteous. We had a lot of extra stuff that we hadn’t anticipated needing to be packed. They took that on and had wonderful attitudes about it. It poured rain and they took every precaution to protect our belongings. Everything went very well. Thank you!” ! Chris – Chicago

Very Professional Move

“The packers were excellent, great crew I give them a 10! The origin driver & crew were a great group of people. The destination driver and crew were great and very professional & helpful. I am still unpacking but no damage so far.“ ~ Paul

Best Move In 24 Years!

“I had no problems on packing end. Husband handled delivery and said it was great. ‘It was their best move in 24 years’ Nothing arrived broken.” ~ Karen

Exceptional Crew

“I am very satisfied with my move. The delivery crew was exceptional they went out of their way and took their time to help me arrange my furniture.” ~ Vickie