Organizing Belongings Before Local Movers Pack and Load Them

local moversGetting your home or office ready for the local movers from Atlantic Relocation Systems can be an exciting experience. While you may be looking forward to calling a new place home or setting up shop in a larger office, the days and weeks leading up to a move are often filled with numerous stressful tasks. However, one chore that you’ll want to get done as early as possible before our local home movers arrive at your place is organizing your belongings. This undertaking may be one of the most difficult to handle but can provide the most rewarding results because you can purge clutter during the process, and it will help save time once the local movers from Atlantic Relocation moving company have unloaded your items at your new place.

Here are some tips that can help you organize your items:

Box it up – Before you begin organizing your home or office, you will need places to put the items you are sorting. Your local Atlantic Relocation movers can supply boxes, or you may choose to use plastic bins, paper bags, wooden crates, or other storage containers.

Chuck it – Perhaps you’ll decide to tackle the hall closet today, then your junk drawer tomorrow. Whatever area of your home or office you begin sorting first, be sure you are thorough, and eliminate as many items as possible that you no longer need. Categorize your items (tools, kitchen ware, electronics, etc.) and be sure you have an “elimination” box in which you place those things you plan to donate or sell.

Label everything – Be sure your organized containers are clearly labeled. Many people tend to overlook this step, when in fact labeling is one of the most important orders of business. Not only will it help our local movers, it will make it much easier to find the items you’re looking for once they arrive at the new destination. Be specific with your labels, and minimize how many boxes get labeled as “miscellaneous.”

Additionally, there are many other tasks to handle before our local mover teams arrive at your home, including arranging for child or pet care for moving day, getting utilities connected at your new place, and more. The personal relocation coordinator our local movers assign you can provide more advice on how to handle all of these errands, and can answer any other questions you may have that relate to your move.

For more information about the many services our local movers can provide, please contact Atlantic Relocation Systems today. Our local movers are proud to serve residents and businesses in Atlanta, GA, Tampa, FL, Dallas, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Phoenix, AZ, and other cities nationwide.